Friday, November 5, 2010


I have had several experiences years ago with plagiarism  and even on my current job. Year ago when I was in my 20 I was a secretary. The manager needed some ideas for a project he was use my ideas in his report and didn't give me credit for it. I didn't know what plagiarism was back then, so I didn't know that I should have reported the indecent. When I read his report the manager's name was the only one on it, he just said that's how we work as a team and nothing else was said about. After that time I never volunteered any of my ideas, I  felt like I was used.

I now work for an insurance company, I have had my current supervisor take credit for and idea that was mine. When I brought it to her attention she apologies and said she didn't mean to take credit for my idea.  She did go back and make an announcement to everyone that gave me credit for the new process that we currently use. Now that I know better I will always make sure any incident of plagiarism is addressed.

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  1. Urrggghhh!! It just irks me when I hear these stories - there are so many of them.