Saturday, November 13, 2010

Writing techniques

I get frustrated sometimes when I am writing and tiring to tie the ends together to make the sentence flow well. I decide to use free writing and listing as the techniques that would help me get the most benefit when wring my rough draft. When I was writing down my thoughts on the topic of eating disorders in women. I use some of the personal experiences to help point how these problems can occur. I think it very interest how people comments can have such an effect on a person life. What I want to do is to use an idea an have one or two sources to back up  key causes, how to recognize this behavior and treatments etc. I found a lot of articles that show the results of studies that were done in women with bulimia and anorexia I am tiring to tie this in to essay so that it will be understood. In conclusion I want to point out how all of time these types of disorders are over looked because the nation are more concerned with over eating as in obesity, than not eating or binge and purging. These eating disorders can cause just as many medical problems as obesity.

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