Saturday, October 30, 2010

Writing a strong thesis for essay

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to talk about my thesis statement for the essay. I decided to write about eating disorders bulimia and anorexia in women. I found a lot of good sources in the Kaplan library. When you read my thesis statement on the discussion board you will see it needs some help. I would appreciate any feed back you can give me I won't be offended if you are to critical.  I see every suggestion as an opportunity to learn and improve. What I would like is to come up with is an introduction that gets the readers attention and point out the main causes of these eating disorders. I think it very interesting how some women destroy their body and mind because of  images that  projects  how women should look. If you think about it realistically the media such as television and especially magazines are advertising woman's body's that have been altered, in some way before its shown to the public. Good luck your essay.



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  1. Hi Eve - what comes to mind when I read this post is that maybe you've got your thesis statement right here - that the media and altered images are to blame for eating disorders.....