Friday, November 26, 2010

Classmates review of first draft

I enjoy reading my classmates review about my essays. I had the same opportunity In comp I, the  review I received gave me a lot of good tips that I can use. My topic is on eating disorders in women specifically bulimia and anorexia. I choose this topic because many women suffer in silence with these conditions. I found a shocking article in the Kaplan library called anorexia,bulimia becoming an equal opportunity disorders by the Associated Press,  many believe that both these conditions only effect Caucasian women in upper and middle class. This didn't effect women of color because of there ethnic background  the weight was considered attractive. Over the years it was found not to be true, there was no reliable statics on eating conditions in ethnic women  and in many cases they were not properly diagnosis.  I thought this was interesting  that women were not diagnosis properly because they didn't fit the type of women that has this problem. I look forward to finding more interesting articles related to my topic.

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